pyAMG is a mesh adaptation software library developed by the GAMMA team at Inria. Its main capabilities include:

  • Volume and surface remeshing through local modifications
  • Metric computation from a solution field using a multiscale metric
  • Metric field correction using anisotropic gradation
  • Solution field interpolation from one mesh onto another

Interface with SU2

pyAMG is interfaced with SU2, an open-source collection of software for multi-physics simulation and design on unstructured meshes (i.e., CFD and beyond) developed in the Aerospace Design Lab (ADL) at Stanford University.


ViZiR 4

ViZiR 4 is a light, simple and interactive high-order meshes and solutions visualization software using OpenGL 4 graphic pipeline.

Its main features are:
  • Light, simple and interactive visualization software.
  • Surface and volume (tetrahedra, pyramids, prisms, hexahedra) meshes.
  • Pixel exact rendering of high-order solutions on straight elements.
  • Almost pixel exact rendering on curved elements (high-order meshes).
  • Post-processing tools, such as picking, isolines, clipping, capping.

ViZiR Legacy

ViZiR Legacy is a light, simple and interactive mesh visualization software using OpenGL Legacy graphic pipeline including:

  • A curved meshes visualizator: it handles high order elements and solutions.
  • Hybrid elements mesh visualization (pyramids, prisms, hexahedra).
  • Solutions visualization : clip planes, capping, iso-lines, iso-surfaces.